guarantees 2 things; you will have deadlines, and a certain amount of footwork. Depending on the type of article one produces, there will be face time with interviewees also. Not only does a writer need to "think" like a journalist when creating, but the target audience is also a major factor in the presentation. My first experience in the realm of journalism was at Start High School and the student newspaper the 'Galaxy'. I was very lucky to have an editor/instructor who gave me artistic license to use my political and sometimes radical cartoons in print. Even when I was threatened by faculty to have my wings clipped, my editor did not once tell me to tone it down. As a college student I was a contributing writer for the 'Collegian' at the University of Toledo. I preformed triple duty, as movie critic, cartoonist, and staff reporter. Becoming a writer in the public arena, I did work for local newspapers too, but eventually, I was drawn to a more expansive form  of literary adventure in the form of a novelist.

A writer and storyteller

of one sort or another most of my life, I have professionally penned interviews, feature articles, and movie reviews. My work in the recording studio industry included scripting, directing, and editing narrative.

My first novel published is The Shores of our Heritage ©. The true story is the chronicle of  the War of 1812 within the tumultuous theater of the Great Lakes. Time, place, date, and event factual, the timeless narrative details the hardships and struggles endured by America's early citizens in this untamed wilderness. From the far west land of Chicago, to the navy port of Sackett's Harbor, The Shores Of Our Heritage transports the reader with a unique and exciting literary experience. The style of writing is "creative non-fiction" which documents the truth,  but using the techniques of a novel. It is a quick read, educational, and riveting, for preteen through seniors. The cover art is my own. The novel is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu Books. I hope everyone enjoys The Shores of our Heritage ©. PS watch out for a chapter about a very strong woman, a true story!

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