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Art becomes business

and by proxy I began my career in the art department, before the computer was an artistic tool. My position was known

as "paste up artist" and that is truly what one did. Much of the procedure involved a dark room and harsh chemicals, sometimes in a refrigerated space. Compared to the slick CG applications of today, it is hard to believe there was a time when a process was that archaic. The computer came into fruition when I was working with a screen printing organization. Soon I created multi-color layers for printing, targeting, and blending dot patterns. As my career expanded, so did my abilities; generating graphics for posters, glassware, textiles, and sub-straights. Sign making involved complex renderings to be transferred to panels measuring 60' across. As a part of multi-media, graphics were necessary for CD covers, the internet, and web design. From there the rest is history, as they say.


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Randy Zalewski