Randy Zalewski


Randy Zalewski

60's & 70's

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio

I showed a very early interest in art and drawing. Creating movies with a super-8 movie camera was also an infatuation. My beginnings in journalism were on the high school newspaper. The first of many employments as a graphic artist began with a screen printing organization. I also worked for a sign company, and a billboard designing organization. I would say the most curious form of employment was designing decorative figurines. My fine art and illustration prompted me to become part of the gallery display and art show circuit. The college years brought me back to the basics of art, and a seat on the university newspaper as a writer. At the University of Toledo I majored in computer imaging, and minored in photography. Entering the world of the multimedia recording studio, I discovered that my music and movie-making past converted into high end video production, complex audio projects, and the realm of supervisory management. The written word came around to me again and has expanded into creative novel writing. To culminate all that I have done, my hope is that in some way, I have brought joy to people. I look forward to the future, making new friends, and sharing a touch of talent with the world.

80's & 90's

BOOK TOURS • The Shores of our Heritage
PHOTOGRAPHY • Working with Light and Exposure
VIDEO EDITING • The Essence of Timing
VIDEOGRAPHY • The Eye in your Viewfinder
GRAPHIC ARTS AND PAGE LAYOUT • Layers and the Target
THE CARTOONIST • Getting Laughs or Not


The Lecture Hall

Currently filling a schedule with appearances and lecture.

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